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    本网讯:在日前召开的香港国际珠宝钟表展览会期间,国际三大珠宝鉴定机构之一——欧洲宝石学院EGL和全球在线珠宝机构——21世纪珠宝21Gem共同对外宣布,将联合为亚洲用户提供珠宝鉴定和网上钻石销售业务。 鉴于双方的巨大影响力,此次合作行为受到了珠宝业界广泛关注。

21Gem.com and EGL Asia announced today at the Hong Kong Jewelry and watch fair,their mutual agreement, positioning EGL Asia as the exclusive grader and certificates provider for the loose diamonds and set jewelry diamonds sold on the web site.

21Gem.com is one of the leading diamonds and jewelry online retailers in China, selling either directly to customers or by designated stores.

EGL Asia is one of the leading gemological laboratories in Hong Kong, and is known for its high quality and fast service in the region.

Mr. Gao, CEO of 21Gem.com said “we have tested EGL Asia standard time and again At NGGC and are very happy with the results. We found their standard service highly satisfactory both for us and for our customers”

Mr. Kuzi, CEO of EGL Asia said “We are very pleased with this agreement and we will continue to do our outmost to provide our quality services to the benefit of our customers.”

“ We are also pleased with the professional ideas exchange we established with NGGC To ensure we satisfy China grading standards.”

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